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Star Rhinestud
  • Price:$38.36
Oval Rhinestud
  • Price:$24.59
Tear Drop Rhinestud
  • Price:$31.48
Diamond Rhinestud
  • Price:$25.57
Heart Rhinestud
  • Price:$29.51
Square Rhinestud
  • Price:$13.36
Hotfix Nailhead 22MM
  • Price:$64.92
Hotfix Nailhead 18MM
  • Price:$78.69
Hotfix Nailhead 16MM
  • Price:$47.54
Hotfix Nailhead 15MM
  • Price:$43.28
Hotfix Nailhead 13MM
  • Price:$43.44
Hotfix Nailhead 10MM
  • Price:$62.30


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