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E.1 The handle method when heat transfer effect of transfer strass motif is not good


The handle method when heat transfer effect of transfer strass motif is not good 


First of all, learn about the speculative knowledge of heat press machine-- The function of heat press machine: 1) heating; 2) Laminating.


No matter of strass transfer or printing transfer, the ironing process is a process of physical transformation.


Heat press machine heating---The strass glue dissolved from solid into a liquid state---Cooling to solid.


 We can describe the physical change process of strass glue as below: Solid state - liquid state- solid state.




Therefore,if the glue undissolved, and the fabric without glue,we should focus on checking that whether your machine get enough pressing time and temperature or not.


If the glue melt, but less glue on the fabric,especially some small size strass not fit on the fabric, then we should focus on checking if the machines get enough pressure.


If the ironing effect is not satisfying, the most important is the adjustment of temperature,time and the machines’ pressure.


[In conclusion, all of the hot fix transfer motif, whatever it is rhinestone motif, rhinestud motif,convex motif,nailhead motif, epoxy stone motif, if the ironing effect is not satisfying which remove outside of the problem of rhinestones glue and unstable rhinestones undercoat,the basic handle method can refer to above we said, so does the method of transfer printing. ]

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