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China Strass SS6

China Strass SS6


  • Market Price: $19.84-$139.34
  • Offer Price: $19.84-$139.34
Size Color Item No. Price
SS6 YAX001 Crystal AB China Strass-1 $24.10
SS6 YAX280H Jet Hematite China Strass-2 $24.10
SS6 YAX208 Siam China Strass-3 $26.64
SS6 YAX227 Light Siam China Strass-4 $26.64
SS6 YAX204 Amethyst China Strass-5 $20.89
SS6 YAX212 Lt.Amethyst China Strass-6 $20.89
SS6 YAX220 Smoked Topaz China Strass-7 $20.89
SS6 YAX229 Blue Zircon China Strass-8 $26.64
SS6 YAX249 Citrine China Strass-9 $26.64
SS6 YAX203 Topaz China Strass-10 $20.89
SS6 YAX226 Light Topaz China Strass-11 $20.89
SS6 YAX213 Jonquil China Strass-12 $20.89
SS6 YAX202 Aquamarine China Strass-13 $20.89
SS6 YAX206 Sapphire China Strass-14 $20.89
SS6 YAX211 Lt.Sapphire China Strass-15 $20.89
SS6 YAX214 Peridot China Strass-16 $20.89
SS6 YAX280 Jet China Strass-17 $20.89
SS6 YAX209 Rose China Strass-18 $139.34
SS6 YAX001 Crystal China Strass-19 $19.84
SS6 YAX236 Hyacinth/sun China Strass-110 $26.64
SS6 YAX223 Light Rose China Strass-111 $51.15
SS6 YAX280JNT Jet Nut China Strass-112 $30.48
SS6 YX1014 Lt.Aquamarine China Strass-113 $20.89
SS6 YX1020 Green China Strass-114 $20.89

China Strass


Color:Crystal,CrystalAB ,Black Diamond,Aquamarine,Saphire,Montana,Cobalt,Blue Zircon,Emerald,Jonquil,Light Topaz,.Topaz,Smoked Topaz,Light,Amethyst,Light Siam,Siam,Jet,Hyacinth/Sun,Light Peach,Rose,Light Rose,Olivine,Lt.saphire,Citrine,Tanzanite,Peridot,Amethyst,Fuchsia,Labrador.Capri Blue,Jet Hematite,Burgundy,Gold Hematite,White Opal. Crystal Cosmojet.Jet Nut.

Application:Fabric,Clothes,Doll,Gift,and so on

Brand:AAA stone

Quality :Middle Qualtiy


Product Description:
1.Application :
Decorate all fashion Clothes ,Fabric , cording,collar,bag,belt,sweater,shoe and so on .

2.Material : Crystal(silica)


4.Size : SS4,SS6,SS8,SS10,SS12,SS16,SS20,SS30,SS34,SS40

5.Shape : Round

6.Color : Crystal,CrystalAB ,Black Diamond,Aquamarine,Saphire,Montana,Cobalt,Blue Zircon,Emerald,Jonquil,Light Topaz,.Topaz,Smoked Topaz,Light,Amethyst,Light Siam,Siam,Jet,Hyacinth/Sun,Light Peach,Rose,Light Rose,Olivine,Lt.saphire,Citrine,Tanzanite,Peridot,Amethyst,Fuchsia,Labrador.Jet Hematite,Burgundy,Gold Hematite,Crystal Cosmojet.Jet Nut.

7.Package :SS6 144,000PCS/Pack; SS10 72,000pcs/pack;  SS16  28,800pcs/pack; SS20 14,400pcs/pack;
           SS30  7,200pcs/pack; SS34 3,600pcs/pack; SS40 3,600PCS/PACK.

8. Technical Parameter:Hotfix Time :15-25s; hotfix Temperature:140-190c

9.Advantage:8-10 facts,special shining cutting ,best adhesive gum,hard to fall .

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factory;china silver factory;

Sales History
Buyer Offer price Quantity Time
ker*** 20.890 1( SS6、YAX206 Sapphire ) 2018-02-01
ker*** 20.890 1( SS6、YAX280 Jet ) 2018-02-01
ker*** 20.890 1( SS6、YAX203 Topaz ) 2018-02-01
ker*** 20.890 1( SS6、YAX220 Smoked Topaz ) 2018-02-01
tac*** 24.100 1( SS6、YAX001 Crystal AB ) 2013-03-23
As of today, total turnover5


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