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SWAINSTONE rhinestone hotfix all color and size SS6-30

SWAINSTONE rhinestone hotfix all color and size SS6-30

SWAINSTONE is Top ten brands in the hot fix rhinestone industry, famous for its shine and strong glue.It has 14-16 cutting facet, and super strong glue which we promise that if falls in 365 days, we will double refund!

  • Market Price: $0.00
  • Offer Price: $6.33-$36.00
Color Size Item No. Price
YAX001 Crystal SS6 SwainstoneSS6-40-1 $6.34
YAX206 Sapphire SS6 SwainstoneSS6-40-2 $8.00
YAX229 Blue Zircon SS6 SwainstoneSS6-40-3 $8.00
YAX226 Light Topaz SS6 SwainstoneSS6-40-4 $8.00
YAX212 Lt.Amethyst SS6 SwainstoneSS6-40-5 $8.00
YAX280 Jet SS6 SwainstoneSS6-40-6 $8.00
YAX209 Rose SS6 SwainstoneSS6-40-7 $15.00
YAX211 Lt.Sapphire SS6 SwainstoneSS6-40-8 $8.00
YAX214 Peridot SS6 SwainstoneSS6-40-9 $8.00
YAX001 Crystal AB SS6 SwainstoneSS6-40-10 $8.00
YAX280H Jet Hematite SS6 SwainstoneSS6-40-11 $8.00
YAX234 White Opal SS6 SwainstoneSS6-40-12 $15.00
YAX215 Black Diamond SS6 SwainstoneSS6-40-13 $8.00
YAX207 Montana SS6 SwainstoneSS6-40-14 $11.00
YAX205 Emerald SS6 SwainstoneSS6-40-15 $8.00
YAX203 Topaz SS6 SwainstoneSS6-40-16 $8.00
YAX539 Tanzanite SS6 SwainstoneSS6-40-17 $12.67
YAX228 Olivine SS6 SwainstoneSS6-40-18 $8.00
YAX362 Light Peach SS6 SwainstoneSS6-40-19 $12.67
YAX208 Siam SS6 SwainstoneSS6-40-20 $11.00
YAX220 Smoked Topaz SS6 SwainstoneSS6-40-21 $11.00
YAX213 Jonquil SS6 SwainstoneSS6-40-22 $8.00
YAX369 Cobalt SS6 SwainstoneSS6-40-23 $8.00
YAX202 Aquamarine SS6 SwainstoneSS6-40-24 $8.00
YAX001C Cosmojet SS6 SwainstoneSS6-40-25 $15.00
YAX515 Burgundy SS6 SwainstoneSS6-40-26 $15.00
YAX001HAB Labrador SS6 SwainstoneSS6-40-27 $12.67
YAX204 Amethyst SS6 SwainstoneSS6-40-28 $8.00
YAX249 Citrine SS6 SwainstoneSS6-40-29 $11.00
YAX223 Light Rose SS6 SwainstoneSS6-40-30 $12.67
YAX236 Hyacinth/sun SS6 SwainstoneSS6-40-31 $11.00
YAX227 Light Siam SS6 SwainstoneSS6-40-32 $11.00
YAX502 Fuchsia SS6 SwainstoneSS6-40-33 $15.00
YAX243 Capri Blue SS6 SwainstoneSS6-40-34 $8.00
YAX001DOR Gold Hem SS6 SwainstoneSS6-40-35 $15.00
YAX280JNT Jet Nut SS6 SwainstoneSS6-40-36 $11.00
YAX001 Crystal SS10 SwainstoneSS6-40-37 $6.33
YAX206 Sapphire SS10 SwainstoneSS6-40-38 $8.00
YAX229 Blue Zircon SS10 SwainstoneSS6-40-39 $8.00
YAX226 Light Topaz SS10 SwainstoneSS6-40-40 $8.00
YAX212 Lt.Amethyst SS10 SwainstoneSS6-40-41 $8.00
YAX280 Jet SS10 SwainstoneSS6-40-42 $8.00
YAX209 Rose SS10 SwainstoneSS6-40-43 $15.00
YAX211 Lt.Sapphire SS10 SwainstoneSS6-40-44 $8.00
YAX214 Peridot SS10 SwainstoneSS6-40-45 $8.00
YAX001 Crystal AB SS10 SwainstoneSS6-40-46 $8.00
YAX280H Jet Hematite SS10 SwainstoneSS6-40-47 $8.00
YAX234 White Opal SS10 SwainstoneSS6-40-48 $15.00
YAX215 Black Diamond SS10 SwainstoneSS6-40-49 $8.00
YAX207 Montana SS10 SwainstoneSS6-40-50 $11.00
YAX205 Emerald SS10 SwainstoneSS6-40-51 $8.00
YAX203 Topaz SS10 SwainstoneSS6-40-52 $8.00
YAX539 Tanzanite SS10 SwainstoneSS6-40-53 $12.67
YAX228 Olivine SS10 SwainstoneSS6-40-54 $8.00
YAX362 Light Peach SS10 SwainstoneSS6-40-55 $12.67
YAX208 Siam SS10 SwainstoneSS6-40-56 $11.00
YAX220 Smoked Topaz SS10 SwainstoneSS6-40-57 $11.00
YAX213 Jonquil SS10 SwainstoneSS6-40-58 $8.00
YAX369 Cobalt SS10 SwainstoneSS6-40-59 $8.00
YAX202 Aquamarine SS10 SwainstoneSS6-40-60 $8.00
YAX001C Cosmojet SS10 SwainstoneSS6-40-61 $15.00
YAX515 Burgundy SS10 SwainstoneSS6-40-62 $15.00
YAX001HAB Labrador SS10 SwainstoneSS6-40-63 $12.67
YAX204 Amethyst SS10 SwainstoneSS6-40-64 $8.00
YAX249 Citrine SS10 SwainstoneSS6-40-65 $11.00
YAX223 Light Rose SS10 SwainstoneSS6-40-66 $12.67
YAX236 Hyacinth/sun SS10 SwainstoneSS6-40-67 $11.00
YAX227 Light Siam SS10 SwainstoneSS6-40-68 $11.00
YAX502 Fuchsia SS10 SwainstoneSS6-40-69 $15.00
YAX243 Capri Blue SS10 SwainstoneSS6-40-70 $8.00
YAX001DOR Gold Hem SS10 SwainstoneSS6-40-71 $15.00
YAX280JNT Jet Nut SS10 SwainstoneSS6-40-72 $11.00
YAX001 Crystal SS16 SwainstoneSS6-40-73 $9.67
YAX206 Sapphire SS16 SwainstoneSS6-40-74 $13.34
YAX229 Blue Zircon SS16 SwainstoneSS6-40-75 $13.34
YAX226 Light Topaz SS16 SwainstoneSS6-40-76 $13.34
YAX212 Lt.Amethyst SS16 SwainstoneSS6-40-77 $13.34
YAX280 Jet SS16 SwainstoneSS6-40-78 $13.34
YAX209 Rose SS16 SwainstoneSS6-40-79 $18.34
YAX211 Lt.Sapphire SS16 SwainstoneSS6-40-80 $13.34
YAX214 Peridot SS16 SwainstoneSS6-40-81 $13.34
YAX001 Crystal AB SS16 SwainstoneSS6-40-82 $13.34
YAX280H Jet Hematite SS16 SwainstoneSS6-40-83 $13.34
YAX234 White Opal SS16 SwainstoneSS6-40-84 $18.34
YAX215 Black Diamond SS16 SwainstoneSS6-40-85 $13.34
YAX207 Montana SS16 SwainstoneSS6-40-86 $16.67
YAX205 Emerald SS16 SwainstoneSS6-40-87 $13.34
YAX203 Topaz SS16 SwainstoneSS6-40-88 $13.34
YAX539 Tanzanite SS16 SwainstoneSS6-40-89 $16.67
YAX228 Olivine SS16 SwainstoneSS6-40-90 $13.34
YAX362 Light Peach SS16 SwainstoneSS6-40-91 $16.67
YAX208 Siam SS16 SwainstoneSS6-40-92 $16.67
YAX220 Smoked Topaz SS16 SwainstoneSS6-40-93 $16.67
YAX213 Jonquil SS16 SwainstoneSS6-40-94 $13.34
YAX369 Cobalt SS16 SwainstoneSS6-40-95 $13.34
YAX202 Aquamarine SS16 SwainstoneSS6-40-96 $13.34
YAX001C Cosmojet SS16 SwainstoneSS6-40-97 $18.34
YAX515 Burgundy SS16 SwainstoneSS6-40-98 $18.34
YAX001HAB Labrador SS16 SwainstoneSS6-40-99 $16.67
YAX204 Amethyst SS16 SwainstoneSS6-40-100 $13.34
YAX249 Citrine SS16 SwainstoneSS6-40-101 $13.34
YAX223 Light Rose SS16 SwainstoneSS6-40-102 $16.67
YAX236 Hyacinth/sun SS16 SwainstoneSS6-40-103 $16.67
YAX227 Light Siam SS16 SwainstoneSS6-40-104 $16.67
YAX502 Fuchsia SS16 SwainstoneSS6-40-105 $18.34
YAX243 Capri Blue SS16 SwainstoneSS6-40-106 $13.34
YAX001DOR Gold Hem SS16 SwainstoneSS6-40-107 $18.34
YAX280JNT Jet Nut SS16 SwainstoneSS6-40-108 $16.67
YAX001 Crystal SS30 SwainstoneSS6-40-109 $11.00
YAX206 Sapphire SS30 SwainstoneSS6-40-110 $13.67
YAX229 Blue Zircon SS30 SwainstoneSS6-40-111 $13.67
YAX226 Light Topaz SS30 SwainstoneSS6-40-112 $13.67
YAX212 Lt.Amethyst SS30 SwainstoneSS6-40-113 $13.67
YAX280 Jet SS30 SwainstoneSS6-40-114 $13.67
YAX209 Rose SS30 SwainstoneSS6-40-115 $25.00
YAX211 Lt.Sapphire SS30 SwainstoneSS6-40-116 $13.67
YAX214 Peridot SS30 SwainstoneSS6-40-117 $13.67
YAX001 Crystal AB SS30 SwainstoneSS6-40-118 $13.67
YAX280H Jet Hematite SS30 SwainstoneSS6-40-119 $13.67
YAX234 White Opal SS30 SwainstoneSS6-40-120 $25.00
YAX215 Black Diamond SS30 SwainstoneSS6-40-121 $13.67
YAX207 Montana SS30 SwainstoneSS6-40-122 $16.67
YAX205 Emerald SS30 SwainstoneSS6-40-123 $13.67
YAX203 Topaz SS30 SwainstoneSS6-40-124 $13.67
YAX539 Tanzanite SS30 SwainstoneSS6-40-125 $16.67
YAX228 Olivine SS30 SwainstoneSS6-40-126 $13.67
YAX362 Light Peach SS30 SwainstoneSS6-40-127 $21.84
YAX208 Siam SS30 SwainstoneSS6-40-128 $16.67
YAX220 Smoked Topaz SS30 SwainstoneSS6-40-129 $16.67
YAX213 Jonquil SS30 SwainstoneSS6-40-130 $13.67
YAX369 Cobalt SS30 SwainstoneSS6-40-131 $13.67
YAX202 Aquamarine SS30 SwainstoneSS6-40-132 $13.67
YAX001C Cosmojet SS30 SwainstoneSS6-40-133 $25.00
YAX515 Burgundy SS30 SwainstoneSS6-40-134 $25.00
YAX001HAB Labrador SS30 SwainstoneSS6-40-135 $21.84
YAX204 Amethyst SS30 SwainstoneSS6-40-136 $13.67
YAX249 Citrine SS30 SwainstoneSS6-40-137 $13.67
YAX223 Light Rose SS30 SwainstoneSS6-40-138 $21.84
YAX236 Hyacinth/sun SS30 SwainstoneSS6-40-139 $16.67
YAX227 Light Siam SS30 SwainstoneSS6-40-140 $16.67
YAX502 Fuchsia SS30 SwainstoneSS6-40-141 $25.00
YAX243 Capri Blue SS30 SwainstoneSS6-40-142 $13.67
YAX001DOR Gold Hem SS30 SwainstoneSS6-40-143 $25.00
YAX280JNT Jet Nut SS30 SwainstoneSS6-40-144 $16.67
YAX001 Crystal SS20 SwainstoneSS6-40-145 $17.34
YAX206 Sapphire SS20 SwainstoneSS6-40-146 $20.17
YAX229 Blue Zircon SS20 SwainstoneSS6-40-147 $20.17
YAX226 Light Topaz SS20 SwainstoneSS6-40-148 $20.17
YAX212 Lt.Amethyst SS20 SwainstoneSS6-40-149 $20.17
YAX280 Jet SS20 SwainstoneSS6-40-150 $20.17
YAX209 Rose SS20 SwainstoneSS6-40-151 $36.00
YAX211 Lt.Sapphire SS20 SwainstoneSS6-40-152 $20.17
YAX214 Peridot SS20 SwainstoneSS6-40-153 $20.17
YAX001 Crystal AB SS20 SwainstoneSS6-40-154 $20.17
YAX280H Jet Hematite SS20 SwainstoneSS6-40-155 $20.17
YAX234 White Opal SS20 SwainstoneSS6-40-156 $36.00
YAX215 Black Diamond SS20 SwainstoneSS6-40-157 $20.17
YAX207 Montana SS20 SwainstoneSS6-40-158 $23.17
YAX205 Emerald SS20 SwainstoneSS6-40-159 $20.17
YAX203 Topaz SS20 SwainstoneSS6-40-160 $20.17
YAX539 Tanzanite SS20 SwainstoneSS6-40-161 $32.67
YAX228 Olivine SS20 SwainstoneSS6-40-162 $20.17
YAX362 Light Peach SS20 SwainstoneSS6-40-163 $32.67
YAX208 Siam SS20 SwainstoneSS6-40-164 $23.17
YAX220 Smoked Topaz SS20 SwainstoneSS6-40-165 $23.17
YAX213 Jonquil SS20 SwainstoneSS6-40-166 $20.17
YAX369 Cobalt SS20 SwainstoneSS6-40-167 $20.17
YAX202 Aquamarine SS20 SwainstoneSS6-40-168 $20.17
YAX001C Cosmojet SS20 SwainstoneSS6-40-169 $36.00
YAX515 Burgundy SS20 SwainstoneSS6-40-170 $36.00
YAX001HAB Labrador SS20 SwainstoneSS6-40-171 $32.67
YAX204 Amethyst SS20 SwainstoneSS6-40-172 $20.17
YAX249 Citrine SS20 SwainstoneSS6-40-173 $20.17
YAX223 Light Rose SS20 SwainstoneSS6-40-174 $32.67
YAX236 Hyacinth/sun SS20 SwainstoneSS6-40-175 $23.17
YAX227 Light Siam SS20 SwainstoneSS6-40-176 $23.17
YAX502 Fuchsia SS20 SwainstoneSS6-40-177 $36.00
YAX243 Capri Blue SS20 SwainstoneSS6-40-178 $20.17
YAX001DOR Gold Hem SS20 SwainstoneSS6-40-179 $36.00
YAX280JNT Jet Nut SS20 SwainstoneSS6-40-180 $23.17

Swainstone ---- once meet   never separate

    SWAINSTONE is one of the TOP 10 famous brands in RHINESTONE industry, it has reliable quality guarantee, unbelievably strong back glue and wonderful cutting facet .
    If you have request for high-quality product, please browse our website: 
    If you need some free samples for test, price list or color catalog…etc, please feel free to contact us through email:

Dearr friend, 

Welcome to our store, hope have a happ shopping time here^^

I am Nancy from YAX Rhinestone Factory, nice to meet you. Please kindly allow us to introduce our company here for you:)

Our Company-YAX LTD is located in the developed city-Guangzhou,founded in 2006. We are a professional leading manufacturer and exporter of rhinestone crystal. 

Non hotfix strass is our hot sale items.Our flatback Rhinestones have been sold all over the word. 

We mainly focus on rhinestone, crystal, rhinestone transfer motif and etc.

Rhinestone Range: Top Quality swainstone Rhinestone, DMC Rhinestone, China A Rhinestone and GLUE ON Flatback Rhinestone non Hotfix.

Crystal Range: non hotfix/hotfix crystal, flatback cristal, heat transfer crystal.

Rhinestone Transfer Motif: Animal Motif, Flower Motif, Afro Motif, Sport Motif...etc, and if you have your own designs, welcomed to send us the design, we will customize for you.

As for this hotfix SWAINSTONE Rhinestone, we have the BIGGEST Discount for it, more detai, please kindly contact us as below:

Our contact:


Skype: hkyax10

Whatsapp: +86-18998334946

If you have any rhinestone or motif inquiry, please kindly send us inquiry, we will reply you in 12hours^^

Looking forward to hearring from you,

Kindest Regards, Nancy


Item Flatback Rhinestone Non hotfix for Nail Art
Material  Glass/Crystal
Size SS6-30
Quality  Good Quality with 12cutting facet
MOQ 1 bag 
Quality Good Quality with 14-16 cutting facet
Delivery Time Within 1-3 days when the payment is confirmed



Flatback Rhinstone Hotfix ss20 in Siam

Flatback Rhinstone Hotfix ss20 in Crystal

Flatback Rhinestone Non Hotfix ss20 in Crystal AB

Origin of swainstone

     Once upon a time, in a place, far away, with twinkling stars, a girl called Maria who was very pretty, lived there. Every day no matter windy or rainy, she went to a river side to wait for her expedition lover, Swain, because she thought he would be back one day. One winter night, during a huge snowstorm, spoony Maria was turned to an iceman. Until the spring snow and ice melt, the ice statue of Maria was transformed to a big shiny crystal diamond. Since that, Swainstone was born in the world.

Swainstone perform the authorized monopoly. Unauthorized distribution constitutes an act of infringement.


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