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E.39 Why the lead free rhine studs come out to be more washable?



[Why the lead free rhinestuds come out to be more washable?]

Why the lead free rhine studs come out to be more washable?


Why the lead free rhinestuds(lead free octagon) come out to be more washable? The glue is much better than the ordinary ones?


1.The material of alloy, plating, painting, glue for the hot fix rhinestud is all lead free, especially the alloy is  good-quality lead free material.

2.Using the whole lead free plating, the quality will be much better.

3.Lead free rhinestud iron on has a layer between melted and alloy, which will make them stick very well.This is a secret in this industry, normally, the clients think that the melted glue is stuck to the alloy plate straightly, but if for more stuck, the layer is the necessary part.

Conclusion: The stronger glue of the lead free rhinestud transfer will be clearly told when having washing test or aging speed.

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