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Courier companiesDelivery rangeDelivery timeDetails
SF Express
 Nationwide2-4 business daysSF Express ( may be the best courier company. If you want to express the quality of service is better, please select the SF. From the speed and quality of personnel and even security, good luck are one of the best. The distribution process can enter the the downwind website and track goods transport

 Nationwide 2-5 business daysNational EMS door to door service, usually within 2-5 days to arrive. Transfer speed but will be slower than the average express courier companies. For general courier can not reach the area

 Nationwide 1-2 business daysFedEx is the world's largest express transportation company, the world over 220 countries and regions to provide fast and reliable courier service. FedEx Express uses a global air and ground network, usually only one or two days, you can quickly transport time limit for urgent shipments, and ensure on-time delivery


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