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   [A].If you never transfered the international payments,and worry how to pay, please contact us.

    You can pay at your home,just make payments by PAYPAL, you can also use the Western Union, MoneyGram money transfer, or T/T:from your company's account into our account,in order to solve the problem in some countries that don't allow the large amount of funds into individual accounts.

    [B].You don't need worry about any problems:

    Send us your order list, pay the complete funds, you can wait for the goods which directly was sent from the forwarder to your hands.

Company safe effective payment unique account,other invalid:


Account Name: HK   YAX   LTD      (*essential)
Account Number:      (*essential)
Account Number
Account With BankShenzhen Development Bank
Bank ADD: 7/f, no, 5047, road shennan dong, Shenzhen, p.r.china
1.Account name and number are essential, must be detailed, others dispensable.
2.For security of payment, please remit money into the following bank account of our company.



The Beneficiary Name : Lianggen  Xie
Attentions of western union:
1.  Please write the beneficiary name as followe, the first name is lianggen , the last name is xie .
2. Please send us the copy receipt of western union by email or fax.
3. The remitter has to inform us: the remitter's name, Currency, remittance amount, MTCN, Tel.

Our paypal Email 

check out with paypal now!>>>>>>>>>To paypal website.

Accept: Mastercard Visa American express JCB Switch Solo Giropay Express checkout PayPal

First of Payment attentions:
1. Make sure write the correct beneficial account name and number of us, for example:
our"USD" account number is OSA11013610060301
our"EUR" account number isOSA11013610060302
Account name is HK   YAX   LTD
2. Just the account name and number of our bank is essential. The address is dispensable.
3. The remitter and remitting bank should write our bank's name in right short format, such as write"LIMITED" into "LTD."
4. Please don not confuse out account number, USD, EUR, etc.
5. Considering about the big length of our company's name, the remitter can write our name in blank of address or remark
Attention--the following information on the invoice is essential:
For security of payment, please make sure the consistency of account,
please browser at:

How it works of paypal?

  • Enter your recipient's email address, which is their unique identifier (like a bank account number) in the PayPal system.
  • Enter the desired amount and choose your currency.
  • Select your payment type - either 'Online purchases'  or 'Personal payments'.
  • Click 'Continue' - you'll be prompted to log in to your account to confirm your transfer.
  • We'll notify your recipient via email that they've received money.



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