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Hotfix Rhinestud 2MM - all color

Hotfix Rhinestud 2MM - all color


  • Market Price: $22.95-$24.59
  • Offer Price: $22.95-$24.59
color Round Item No. Price
YX1121 Silver 2mm Hotfix Rhinestud-1 $22.95
YX1122 Red 2mm Hotfix Rhinestud-2 $24.59
YX1123 Gold 2mm Hotfix Rhinestud-3 $24.59
YX1124 Orange 2mm Hotfix Rhinestud-4 $24.59
YX1126 Blue 2mm Hotfix Rhinestud-5 $24.59
YX1127 DK.Blue 2mm Hotfix Rhinestud-6 $24.59
YX1128 Sky 2mm Hotfix Rhinestud-7 $24.59
YX1129 Black 2mm Hotfix Rhinestud-8 $24.59
YX1130 Gray 2mm Hotfix Rhinestud-9 $24.59
YX1131 Green 2mm Hotfix Rhinestud-10 $24.59
YX1132 Peridot 2mm Hotfix Rhinestud-11 $24.59
YX1133 Purple 2mm Hotfix Rhinestud-12 $24.59
YX1134 LT.Purple 2mm Hotfix Rhinestud-13 $24.59
YX1135 Brown 2mm Hotfix Rhinestud-14 $24.59
YX1136 Pink 2mm Hotfix Rhinestud-15 $24.59
YX1137 LT.Pink 2mm Hotfix Rhinestud-16 $24.59
YX1138 Aquamarine 2mm Hotfix Rhinestud-17 $24.59

Hotfix Rhinestud
Crafts: Machine Punch
Shape:round,diamond,holl,recta,oval,leaf,tear drop,triangle,heart,square,star any kind of shape are
Size:2mm,2.5mm,3mm,4mm,5mm,6mm,7mm,8mm,9mm,10mm,13mm,and other size.
Color:red,gold,sapphire,green,brown,orange,silver,matte silver,white about 60 colors are available.
Glue: grey, it's very strong to stick with the t-shirt,jean fabrice,bag and so on.
Usage:Clothes,Fabric,Jean,Garments,bag,shoe and others.
Price : The prce will be much lower if your quantity is good .


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