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DMC Rhinestone SS30

DMC Rhinestone SS30


  • Market Price: $0.96-$11.48
  • Offer Price: $0.96-$11.48
Size Color Item No. Price
SS30 YAX001 Crystal DMC Rhinestone5-1 $0.96
SS30 YAX001 Crystal AB DMC Rhinestone5-2 $1.23
SS30 YAX280H Jet Hematite DMC Rhinestone5-3 $1.23
SS30 YAX208 Siam DMC Rhinestone5-4 $1.81
SS30 YAX213 Jonquil DMC Rhinestone5-5 $1.49
SS30 YAX226 Light Topaz DMC Rhinestone5-6 $1.49
SS30 YAX203 Topaz DMC Rhinestone5-7 $1.81
SS30 YAX220 Smoked Topaz DMC Rhinestone5-8 $1.49
SS30 YAX205 Emerald DMC Rhinestone5-9 $1.81
SS30 YAX214 Peridot DMC Rhinestone5-10 $1.49
SS30 YAX211 Lt.Sapphire DMC Rhinestone5-11 $1.49
SS30 YAX202 Aquamarine DMC Rhinestone5-12 $1.49
SS30 YAX206 Sapphire DMC Rhinestone5-13 $1.49
SS30 YAX212 Lt.Amethyst DMC Rhinestone5-14 $1.49
SS30 YAX223 Light Rose DMC Rhinestone5-15 $5.54
SS30 YAX209 Rose DMC Rhinestone5-16 $11.48
SS30 YAX502 Fuchsia DMC Rhinestone5-17 $11.48
SS30 YAX236 Hyacinth/sun DMC Rhinestone5-18 $1.81
SS30 YAX280 Jet DMC Rhinestone5-19 $1.49
SS30 YAX249 Citrine DMC Rhinestone5-20 $1.81
SS30 YAX362 Light Peach DMC Rhinestone5-21 $3.62
SS30 YAX539 Tanzanite DMC Rhinestone5-22 $1.81
SS30 YAX207 Montana DMC Rhinestone5-23 $1.81
SS30 YAX228 Olivine DMC Rhinestone5-24 $1.49
SS30 YAX215 Black Diamond DMC Rhinestone5-25 $1.49
SS30 YAX001HAB Labrador DMC Rhinestone5-26 $1.56
SS30 YAX001DOR Gold Hem DMC Rhinestone5-27 $1.56
SS30 YAX229 Blue Zircon DMC Rhinestone5-28 $1.81

DMC Rhinestone


DMC Size(ss) DMC Size(mm) DMC Gross / Pack DMC Price
DMC ss6 2.0-2.1mm 10 gross 0.68~2.94usd/bag
DMC ss8 2.4-2.5mm 10 gross
DMC ss10 2.8-3.0mm 10 gross
DMC ss12 3.3-3.5mm 10 gross
DMC ss16 3.8-4.0mm 10 gross
DMC ss20 4.8-5.0mm 10 gross
DMC ss30 6.1-6.3mm 2  gross
DMC ss34 7.1-7.3mm 1  gross
DMC ss40 8.2-8.5mm 1  gross




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Shipping Ways

Shipping Time


4-6 Working Days


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35-45 Working Days

Q1):  MOQ- What is the minimum order quantity of stone?

 Dear Sir / Miss, DMC MOQ is 5 bags per each color and size

Q2): Can I get some samples at first for checking?

Dear Sir / Miss ,samples are no problem. we can send you 5 specifications at most. If you need more, we will suggest you buy a piece of color chart.

Q3): How long is the lead time?

Dear Sir/Miss, usually we can make delivery within 2-3 working days once confirmed your payment.

Q4):Can we use the pack with our own design?

Dear Sir/Miss,our own package is Yin Yang pouches. If you need use your own design, it is no problem,we can custom made it for you. 

Q5):How many colors do you have ?

Dear Sir/ Miss,DMC have 36 colors includ crystal color, and 6 AB colors : Crystal AB,Jet AB,Siam AB,Sapphire AB,Amethyst AB,Topaz AB and rainbow color

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We Offer:
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 Factory Quoted Price:for high quality products, great service, large selection and unbeatable prices, Buy high quality rhinestone and save up to 70% off.

1.Color:crystal,sappphire,jet,black diamond,jet hematite 45 colors available.
3.Shape:round,squarerectangle,oval,teardrop,triangle,heart,star with difference size.
4.high quality, factory price
6.Delivery Day:have stocks.
7.Low delivery cost
8.Unique Package:harden cardboard at corner and around sides,with vacuum shrink film outside, last packed with carton.


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