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discount 60% 2018 new year


Dear friend,

Happy New Year 2018 !

 To help your business of hot fix motif transfer to be better and better, please view the below links for the professional knowledge of hot fix motif which showed on our website:

Knowledge including:

1 How to handle if the transfer motifs and rhinestones ironed not good

2 How the Rhinestone Machines to Work.

3 What is the Rhinestone machine? What is the Hotfix Picture Machine?

4 what elements are required to test in the lead-free report?

5 The judgement methods of lead free rhinestone.

My friend, you are our very important customer, please be assured that all website links we provided are safe for you.

You will enjoy a great discount of our brand hotfix rhinestone Swainstone—60% DISCOUNT after view our website.


Swainstone advantages : no lead (Pb), no cadmium (Cd) ,no nickel (Ni); 14~16 cut facets, it is very sparkly crystal with super strong glue and silver plated bottom


SS6/SS8/SS10 crystal color

Original price is 6.35USD/10Gross; Discount price is 2.54USD/10Gross

SS6/SS8/SS10  Black & Crystal AB  

Original price is 8USD/10Gross; Discount price is 3.2USD/10Gross

SS12 crystal

Original price is 8.35USD/10Gross; Discount price is 3.35USD

SS12Black and Crystal AB

Original price is 13.35USD/10Gross; Discount price is 5.35USD/10Gross

SS16 Crystal

Original price is 9.67USD/10Gross; Discount price is 3.87USD/10Gross

SS16 Black & Crystal AB

Original price is 13.35USD/10Gross;Discount price is 5.35USD/10Gross

SS20 Crystal

Original price is 17.35USD/10Gross;Discount price is 6.95USD/10Gross

SS20 Black & Crystal AB

Original price is 20.17USD/10Gross; Discount price is 8.07USD/10Gross

SS30 Crystal

Original price is 11USD/2Gross; Discount price is 4.4USD/2Gross

SS30 Black & Crystal AB

Original price is 13.67USD/2Gross; Discount price is 5.47USD/2Gross

SS34 Crystal

Original price is 11.67USD/1Gross; Discount price is 4.67USD/1Gross

SS34 Black & Crystal AB

Original price is 13.35USD/1Gross;Discount price is 5.35USD/1Gross

SS40 Crystal

Original price is 14.35USD/1Gross;Discount price is 5.75USD/1Gross

SS40 Black & Crystal AB

Original price is 16.00USD/1Gross ;Discount price is 6.4USD/1Gross

NOTE: The lowest discount price :60% DISCOUNT

Deadline: 2018.1.1-2018.1.31

Enjoy the discount when your order amount up to 2018USD!


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