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As a result of force majeure or other reasons beyond its control resulting in the site sells a system crash or not work properly, resulting in online transactions can not be completed or the loss of relevant information, records, the site will not be liable. But we will do reasonably possible to assist in dealing with the aftermath, and to enable customers to reduce the economic losses may be suffered.
We can help requested by the buyer's agent related transport procedures, but our obligations are limited in time delivery encountered the accident of Logistics (postal) to assist the buyer inquiries, does not assume any logistics (postal) to provide compensation to customers outside, all queries the claim is handled in accordance with the provisions of the logistics (Post). Logistics (Post) the entire query before the period under, the buyer may not claim compensation. To remind the buyer must verify your address and phone number, so as not to delay the delivery. Where in your shopping, are deemed to be such as to agree with this statement.

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